In transformation processes, it is important to give all participants the opportunity to actively contribute and to take joint responsibility for the results. There are targeted methods for processes with large groups. The methods are suitable for a group size of ten to twelve participants and can be adapted to up to 500 people. The method is selected according to how open-ended or result-demanding the process momentum is. In some events, you also use a combination of well-coordinated methods. For each of these methods at least half a day should be scheduled.

World Café
World Café is available for a minimum of 10 -12 persons. In a casual café atmosphere, the participants exchange views on specific key questions. In this way, their individual knowledge and specific experience is carried into the process.

The following methods are only suitable for larger groups of at least 25 people:

Open Space / Open Space Conference
Open Space is a proven conference method large and very large groups. At the beginning the participants will find their own topics and questions and will come to action-relevant results in the course of the event. The potential of Open Space will be fully exploited if there is sufficient time available for this.

Future Conference
A future conference aims to develop a common and sustainable vision of the future. For its implementation, concrete measures, initiatives and impulses are developed. The Future Conference is a very systemic approach that integrates all relevant perspectives and experiences into the process.

Fish Bowl
Fish Bowl is an excellent form of conversation for sharing in large groups. In this method, the entire group is focused on the same topic or question. There is an inner circle and an outer circle. Fish Bowl has several variations, depending on how dynamic or quiet the process should be.